Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Burlap and Giraffe Bulletin Board

This is the ONE part of my classroom that is no longer a devastation. :)  I abandoned my other messes and worked on this little marriage of giraffe print material and burlap. Be glad you're spared the view just a few degrees to the right! :)


  1. It would be a HUGE mess of piles of stuff to go through, organize, and put away. :) I will post GOOD pictures soon!

  2. Replies
    1. As in how much burlap to buy and how you made it look like that? :)

  3. Sure! I bought the fabric from Wal-Mart. I bought about 12 yards of burlap and cut it into strips. I had a lot left over. NOW you can buy the burlap ribbon which makes it much easier! You just twist it and scrunch it up and staple! I will post some new pictures that show the ribbon. Hope that answers your question!

  4. Love this!! So cute! I am moving to second grade and am using a superhero theme. Think I'll steal this idea and do a bright fabric and ribbon for the b-board near my desk. Thanks for the idea!

  5. I am a senior secretary for the school of education at a university and have been given the creative duty of designing different ideas for our departments billboard...looking for some hip ideas for college students. Csn you help me?