Thursday, August 16, 2012

Classroom Pictures

These books are organized according to when/why I read them to the class. Some of those stickers say plot, main idea, retelling, reading/writing connections, writing procedures, and some are organized by author. I have this addiction to books. I love them! There are certain ones that I REALLY love to read to the kids, like Bubba the Cowboy Prince, Recess Queen, Catalina Magdalina... and ... and ...
Introducing...the awesome tree! Thanks to Mrs. Jump's blog I was (with my hubby's help) able to incorporate this fabulous addition to my jungle. I used PVC pipe for the trunk and I taped the base with duct tape, which I probably should add to my "Every teacher needs" label. The kids will love the writing station under the palm tree! 
This year, my first graders will be able to enjoy some shade while at the computer station. You cant see them (the computers) because of that itty bitty pile under them and the ugly cords, all of which will be cleverly hid.

This is how I will manage writer's workshop. Actually, the kids will manage writer's workshop. On the clothespins will be a picture of the students. When they are prewriting, they will use their writing journals (which they will decorate and keep in their desks). When they are ready to write their draft, they willmove their picture clip to the drafting ribbon and keep their writing folder (with the draft in it) in the sloppy copy bucket. They will repeat this for revising, editing, and publishing. I am going to make another version of the signs and then post them on teacherspayteachers.

Welcome to one of the most important places in the classroom! Those snazzy little Pinterest seats were made by hubby. He was clever and made them hang over with a lip on the inside so they don't slip around. Inside the crates, I can keep reading logs, whisper phones, comprehension question cards, TPRI tests, and all kinds of helpful tools for guided reading.

Binder Covers

Adding some fun to my organizational binders! Click HERE if you would like to download them too! There is a cover and spine for Parent Contact, Plans, Teaming, Data, Running Records, and Anecdotal Records.

Friday, August 10, 2012


I have no idea where this originated, but I like it! Of course, the vinyl had to be incorporated.

Here a pocket chart, there a pocket chart, everywhere a pocket chart!

Can't fold em? Hang em!

Everything has its place!

I have already posted a picture of these, but I am so excited about them! I had to reshape all these drawers to make them fit in my designated spot.


I wish I had a picture what my cabinets USED TO look like. There is no turning back now! I am excited about the thought of instantly seeing what I need and not having to restack piles of tubs to get it! Yeehaw!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday straws! This bucket of good times will be a new addition to my classroom. Click HERE to get a copy!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Calling all Parents!

Holy moly! Seems like the first day of school is right around the corner! I am beginning to have the anxiety induced dreams, probably due to my LONG "to do" list. Here is one thing that I can check off! It's a parent volunteer sign up sheet, which I will give to each parent at "Meet the Teacher"night. Click HERE to take a look.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It really is magic!

Takes off stray marker marks from plastic bins and tubs! Smells good too!

What and When!

In an effort to save wall space (not sure if I actually accomplished that) I combined my schedule and my objectives. Stiil lovin the vinyl! I used it to show the subjects and the times. The oh so cute schedule cards are from Cara Carroll's blog.