Friday, October 18, 2013

So, evidently I am not a very good blogger. It has been a LOOOONG time since I have posted.  I just don't have a lot of spare time these days. When I do have time, I am usually looking at other people's ideas on Pinterest!

I love it when ideas pop in my head actually works! We have been working on "the missing number" and "what comes next". Like every other kindergarten class, the range of number sense varies from learning one-to-one to could do calculus. :) We have been having a good ole time building numbers using cubes and writing the numerals to match. This has become a game of speed and accuracy. It did not take long for it to become BORING for many of my students. So, I asked myself the following questions:

How can I engage all of my students considering all their levels and abilities?
How will they SEE and understand a missing number in a hands on sort of way?
How can I motivate them to STAY engaged long enough to practice the skills?

Here is what we did.

Build numbers 1 to 10 using cubes.
Mix them all up.
Put them back in order as fast as you can. 
Make sure the "cube towers" are growing by 1.
Find a partner to count your cube towers.
Tell your partner to close their eyes.
"Steal" and hide a tower behind your back.
Ask your partner to look at the cube towers and determine which tower is missing.

They had SO MUCH FUN! I LOVE it when that happens!
They were practicing counting, one to one, ordering numbers, greater/lesser concepts, and determining the missing number.

On another note, of the ELA variety...I am so proud of my kindergarteners' writing this week! They are all writing stories, stretching words, and playing with sounds. I can't wait to brag about them to their parents at open house next week!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting Back in the Groove

Well, here it is...the last day of spring break. I have accomplished a few little tasks like cleaning out the pantry, taking some clothes to get hemmed, organizing my closet, planting flowers---(saw a snake, so it was short lived) and getting rest. Today means laundry, grocery shopping, and preparing for the new week. I have some fun surprises for my little sweeties! We are in the midst of learning how to research so I made a little packet that will allow me to guide the students who need guidance and it is simple enough that others can work on it independently. We are integrating science (animals) with our research. Next, we will integrate social studies (landforms). I will be making a packet for that next. Too bad there isn't another spring break in the near future! After we research and write, we will make and paint paper plate animals to display what we have learned on the wall. I will post pictures. If you would like the packet, click HERE

Happy last day of spring break!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Book Club!

One of the cool things about teaching first grade is how the kids LOVE to read. It is so sad when they get older and lose that enthusiasm. I want my kids to love not only reading books but also love to talk about them and be able to form their own opinions about them. I am going to start having book club meetings! We will start with the basics and once the students become familiar with the idea, their topics will become more substantial and maybe even to the point where they are coming up with their own agendas for their club! Click here for a free copy of my meeting log. I will be making more for fiction and nonfiction soon.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Classroom Pictures

These books are organized according to when/why I read them to the class. Some of those stickers say plot, main idea, retelling, reading/writing connections, writing procedures, and some are organized by author. I have this addiction to books. I love them! There are certain ones that I REALLY love to read to the kids, like Bubba the Cowboy Prince, Recess Queen, Catalina Magdalina... and ... and ...
Introducing...the awesome tree! Thanks to Mrs. Jump's blog I was (with my hubby's help) able to incorporate this fabulous addition to my jungle. I used PVC pipe for the trunk and I taped the base with duct tape, which I probably should add to my "Every teacher needs" label. The kids will love the writing station under the palm tree! 
This year, my first graders will be able to enjoy some shade while at the computer station. You cant see them (the computers) because of that itty bitty pile under them and the ugly cords, all of which will be cleverly hid.

This is how I will manage writer's workshop. Actually, the kids will manage writer's workshop. On the clothespins will be a picture of the students. When they are prewriting, they will use their writing journals (which they will decorate and keep in their desks). When they are ready to write their draft, they willmove their picture clip to the drafting ribbon and keep their writing folder (with the draft in it) in the sloppy copy bucket. They will repeat this for revising, editing, and publishing. I am going to make another version of the signs and then post them on teacherspayteachers.

Welcome to one of the most important places in the classroom! Those snazzy little Pinterest seats were made by hubby. He was clever and made them hang over with a lip on the inside so they don't slip around. Inside the crates, I can keep reading logs, whisper phones, comprehension question cards, TPRI tests, and all kinds of helpful tools for guided reading.

Binder Covers

Adding some fun to my organizational binders! Click HERE if you would like to download them too! There is a cover and spine for Parent Contact, Plans, Teaming, Data, Running Records, and Anecdotal Records.

Friday, August 10, 2012


I have no idea where this originated, but I like it! Of course, the vinyl had to be incorporated.

Here a pocket chart, there a pocket chart, everywhere a pocket chart!

Can't fold em? Hang em!

Everything has its place!

I have already posted a picture of these, but I am so excited about them! I had to reshape all these drawers to make them fit in my designated spot.