Sunday, March 17, 2013

Getting Back in the Groove

Well, here it is...the last day of spring break. I have accomplished a few little tasks like cleaning out the pantry, taking some clothes to get hemmed, organizing my closet, planting flowers---(saw a snake, so it was short lived) and getting rest. Today means laundry, grocery shopping, and preparing for the new week. I have some fun surprises for my little sweeties! We are in the midst of learning how to research so I made a little packet that will allow me to guide the students who need guidance and it is simple enough that others can work on it independently. We are integrating science (animals) with our research. Next, we will integrate social studies (landforms). I will be making a packet for that next. Too bad there isn't another spring break in the near future! After we research and write, we will make and paint paper plate animals to display what we have learned on the wall. I will post pictures. If you would like the packet, click HERE

Happy last day of spring break!